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Go to school, get a job, make lots of money, the end.

Perhaps add a relationship and some kids.  A big house.  A cool car.  More money.  The end.

We get told this story over and over again as if life is one-size fits all. 

At some point, we begin to get the sneaking suspicion that it's a crap story.

Because it’s not ours.


You are allowed to live a life you love. 

And that life may look different than any other person in the world.  Awesome.  Turns out, you are also like no other person in the world.    


Life can be on your terms

Your values.  Your goals.  Your happiness.  

That’s where I come in. To be a loving non-judgy-judgy space for you to see and create what is possible for you.  

To figure out what you want.

Trust it.

And then to confidently go for it.

That’s it.  Ready?  If so, let’s go!


“Your job is not to chameleon your way through life to the point where you forget what your true colors are ...

You don't belong in a cage simply because it is where others want you to be.”

Luvvie Ajayi Jones